Maastricht coffeeshops

Maastricht coffee shops could be soon open for all foreigners

Maastricht coffee shopMaastricht coffee shop Easy Going reopened on 5th of May 2013

Recently the Maastricht’s mayor ordered the closing of the Maastricht coffeeshop Easy Going, but the coffeeshop owner took the case at the court and won. The judge ordered the mayor to reopen the coffeeshop on 5th of May 2013.

The court order allows the residents of the Euroregion (NL, B, D) to enter any Maastricht coffee shop. However, the Maastricht coffeeshop council VOCM said that the Maastricht coffee shops will soon be open for people of all nationalities from all countries without restrictions. We hope that this will really happen, go VOCM! Maastricht coffee shop

Here is the VOCM statement (translated from French with Google Translate):

Thursday, 02 May 2013 24:09 | Written by VOCM
Mayor of Maastricht lost the court action against Maastricht coffee shop Easy Going! Any Maastricht coffee shop will open their doors to tourists…
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